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Auto Loan Questions

Why should I apply online versus at my dealership?

Since dealerships often times work with only one lender, there is no room for competition. This in turn causes interest rates to be higher than online rates. It is beneficial to check online rates before committing to a dealer's quote.

I recently checked my credit report and my score is lower than I thought. What are my options?

Although bad credit can limit your options, it does not make you ineligible for a loan. Get a free auto loan quote but also speak to a professional about your situation.

I'm not sure how much I can afford each month. How do I know if I will be able to pay my car payment?

Free auto loan quotes will give you an idea of your monthly payments. Also, you don't have to pay off your car in one year. You can carry your auto loan out to 2-5 years if you choose.

Six months ago I started financing my car with an interest rate of 28%. Right now the interest rates have drastically plummeted. What should I do?

In this case, you should definitely refinance. This allows you to bring down your interest rates and lessen your monthly payment.



• Online lending is a safe and secure way of getting a loan.

• 1st Low Rate Loan is unbiased. Unlike a dealership, you will never be talked into a loan.

• The most competitive auto loan rates are only at 1st Low Rate Loan.

• No credit, bad credit and bankruptcy--all these financial circumstances still have lending options.